What is the weekly Top 50 about?
The chart counts down the top rock-oriented songs each week on radio. It is mostly rock oriented, but I also listen to other stuff so those other stuff may chart. Doc Rawk's 50 Singles is ranked by a points system. Points are earned by calculating the number of impressions (the number of times I've heard the song), my personal evaluation (20 points maximum), Active Rock Airplay (hard rock / metal radio) and Heritage Rock Airplay. The maximum "popular points" is 30, 20 for heritage rock and 10 for active rock.

Is there any bias for songs of a certain genre?
The main formats of the songs on the chart are rock, metal and alternative. There is a bias against alternative songs, since this is mostly a mainstream rock radio chart. However, alternative crossovers are many so they seem well represented each week.

Why aren't the songs with the most personal points always the #1 hits?
The songs in the Top 10 personal points are usually seperated by only a few spins and points. Therefore, I include the popularity points to give tracks with equal personal points an edge.

Why would you factor in the song's popularity?
Because popular songs effect me and the culture in general. They will be the ones I will look back on in many years. However, popularity points account for a tiny percentage of the points. They sort of "boost" the song, more than anything. It also helps decide when the personal points are nearly equal for the top songs. The more popular songs will win out. It is also important so I don't have full dictatorship over the chart, which would then be pretty boring, for me at least. Older titles will also have less of an advantage than newer titles, of course.

Why are certain popular hits not charted?
Because only popular songs that I do like can chart. The requirement to chart is to have at least 3 impressions. There are many popular songs I despise. And there's the "overplayed factor". These songs are eligible to chart on my "Shoot The Radio Shitlist" chart, included in my commentary, which is really just for fun. And of course, there are songs I haven't heard. Different stations have different playlists so my station may not have added a popular track the rest of the stations are playing. If this is the case, send me an MP3! I'm the biggest sucker for new music.

I have a good song. How do I send it to you?
Please add me to your ICQ list, my # is 2004766. I listen to a lot of music but I know I haven't heard all the songs out there. When I have a secure copy (CD, MP3, tape, video), it will be sure to chart. Don't send the files by email, unless you contact me beforehand and I give you an okay. That's for people who can't support ICQ on their computer. And try to send music you'd think I like.

What do the bold numbers mean?
They're bullets. They're awarded to the tracks which have improved in points relative to the chart. This means the bullet requirement changes each week. All the trends are averaged and divided by the number of songs (50). If the trend exceeds that of the average, a bullet is registered on the single.

What is the "Bubbling Under" chart about?
This new addition to the chart was added on 02/13/99. This chart counts down the 5 songs that missed out the 50. They sort of give a preview of coming attractions. Some songs bubbling under are also strong tracks that are not released as singles and therefore, not getting significant airplay. Although airplay points are not required, the lack of airplay won't bring the song very high up on the chart.

What is the Hall Of Fame Countdown about?
The Hall Of Fame countdown counts down every single that ever went gold or platinum. This includes songs that charted on the pre-chart, which was more pop oriented than rock oriented. Basically, the chart is there to list the songs of my life.

What are all those wierd logos about?
Awards are given to a song each week. They include:

Award Comments
Weeks At #1 Number of weeks at #1.
Most Improved Biggest overall point increase.
Airpower Biggest gainer outside Top 10.
Smashing Debut Highest new entry of the week.
Point Loser Song with greatest decrease in points.

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